ThermalCore™ Base Layer System

The Thermal Core™ Base Layer System fits just like normal thermal underwear except it not only insulates, it also generates heat! Our brushed polyester and spandex material blend is exceptionally soft . Its 4 way stretch moves with you, keeping you warm without slowing you down. The drier you are the warmer you will feel. Thermal Core™ fabric has been treated to provide both moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties. This helps keep you dry and fresh, even after a whole day outdoors! Most heated clothing on the market is 'hard wired', meaning the heat system is sewn into the garment. Any damage, whether to the garment or the heat tech, renders it ineffective, and ends up being returned for repairs. Thermal Core™ products solve this problem. Our Hot Zone pockets allow the FabRoc panels to be easily removed. This makes for simple garment care and helps reduce wear and tear on the most critical components. It also makes the laundering process that much easier. To wash your base layers, simply remove the panels and throw in the regular wash. Cold water and low dryer heat are optimal. Simple!


Upper Body Pads

Placed in the back, over the kidneys. This is the optimal location to heat the body's core. Body fluids flow through this area and are warmed by the pads. Then the circulatory system transports the heat throughout the rest of the body. Keeping the body's core warm delays the constriction of blood vessels in the extremities which helps keep the hands and feet warm as well!


Lower Body Pads

Placed in front, over the quadriceps. These pads provide heat to both the muscle mass and femoral arteries. This assists in maintaining warm blood flow from the upper body panels into the legs and feet.